Information Technology

Believing in Vietnam’s potential of IT field, we offer Software Development Outsourcing services. We also organize Japanese language – Culture – Technology courses for Vietnamese IT engineers who are going to work in Japan.



Understanding Japan’s labor market demand getting higher and higher, and potential of young Vietnamese IT engineers, Hikari Networks provide Recruitment service for engineers who wish to develop their career in Japan.


Business Matching

With increasing business expansion trend between Japan – Vietnam, Hikari Networks aspires to become a bridge connecting business of two countries.


Hikari Networks’s IT services

We develop our own software, as well as offer outsourcing service.

Hikari Networks’s training courses

We have training courses for Japanese language – Work culture – technology for IT engineers who are going to work for Japanese firms.

Potential at Hikari Networks

We are not only a producer, but also a place of training IT workforce.

Technical training

Fully support the materials, methods, and equipment to meet the learning needs

Hikari Networks’s candidates

IT engineers, electronics engineers, electrical engineers, future engineers.

Hikari Networks’s partners

Japanese and Vietnamese firms.

Consultancy costs

Totally free consulting from our enthusiastic staff.

Where can you get our consultation?

You can receive our consultation through online message or through email. Furthermore, we also hold seminars for both Japanese firms and Vietnamese youth to meet and exchange information.

Why need Business matching?

A reliable bridge with full package information can help you save time and cost to find your clients or partners.

Why choose Hikari Networks?

Because we are the place both Japanese and Vietnamese come to share their demands.

We ensure the satisfaction

We commit to bring the maximum of satisfaction to our customers with Hikari Networks’s experienced and enthusiastic staff.

Hikari Networks

In the context of wide range of cooperation between Japan – Vietnam, especially IT field, Hikari Networks works to bring the best connection for those having intention of developing in both countries. Our customers are Japanese firms, Vietnamese companies, and Vietnamese engineers who desire to experience working in Japanese environment.

We offer IT, Recruitment, and Business Matching services.

Let Hikari Networks accompany you on the road leading to success.

The philosophy of the company

“Connect to reach the ultimate success”

Hikari Networks believes that even with a small connection is indispensable to a big success.