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Job fair for students on Sunday, June 3rd, 2018, took place at the University of Economics HCMC. With the philosophy of “Connect to reach the ultimate success”, and to continue our mission of connecting, we brought with us information about scholarships and job opportunities to the fair.

Coming to job fair in general and to Hikari Networks in particular, all student participants have the same aspiration that we feel obligated to support: determining career path. We provided several necessary information about the scholarships and jobs related to Japan with the hope of them coming in handy to young students.

University of Economics HCMC

Despite that units providing job opportunities related to Japan at the fair were not many, a great number of people took interest in information about Japan from Hikari Networks. Within around 4 hours in the morning, we recorded about 200 successful registrations on https://hikarinetworks.com/.


We sincerely thank you for your interest in Hikari Networks. Your interest and support are motivation to help us try harder and go further. We’re going to bring more useful and more meaningful connection to you in future. Let’s connect to reach the ultimate success together!